Better performance.
Less energy.

Ants can build hills. Cheetahs can accelerate as fast as sports cars. People can reach for the stars. All it takes is the right amount of energy at the right time, which means using energy efficiently as well as saving it when you don’t need it.

As the world transitions to greater reliance on electricity, the opportunity is to apply the right amount of energy at the right time. ABB drives together with electrical motors could deliver such efficiencies of energy use up to 80%.

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Energy savings can have a huge impact.

No one person or company can change the world, but together we can make a difference as every decision we make has an impact. This is apparent in the function of electrical motors, today accounting for nearly two-thirds of all industrial electrical energy usage.

Every minute that an electric motor is running, is a minute that it could be running more efficiently. The decision to maximize its performance means controlling it with a drive so it uses the exact amount of energy it needs to do the job. The impacts are many. You don’t pay for the electricity you don’t need. Your motor performs better and may last longer.

Even smallest energy savings contribute to benefits for our planet, people and businesses alike.

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A drive can be your motor’s best friend

Efficiency starts with knowing what you want to accomplish and then applying the right resources to do it. Needing a burst of energy to start a run is different than maintaining a constant jog. Lifting a heavy object is different from lifting a lighter one. When the terrain or other conditions change, you have to change your energy use to accommodate it.

A drive knows these conditions and gives your motor the ability to respond to them, like provide more power to move a heavier object instead of a lighter one, or run a heating system or air conditioning differently when the temperature rises or falls. Like a brain, a drive is connected to its environment and the resources under its control.

Drives are connected, aware, and involved. They do a lot, actually.

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