Key steps to lower energy consumption in water utilities with ABB drives

Cutting carbon could be easier than you think. 

The water and wastewater sectors use 4% of the world’s electrical energy – that’s as much energy as the whole of Australia. With energy prices remaining high it is important that companies are operating as efficiently as possible, while meeting growing demand and taking steps towards reaching their Net Zero goals. 

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Find out how applications could be operating more energy efficiently

Improving efficiency

When it comes to improving efficiency, many motor-driven assets could be hiding potential for optimisation and with a few simple changes could be more energy efficient, without compromising process performance.

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Meet growing demand

The world’s population is growing which means increased demand for fresh, clean water and effective treatment of wastewater, is growing. High efficiency technology can help achieve improve resilience and achieve unprecedented savings without compromising productivity.

Download the energy manager checklist

Reach Net Zero

Reaching Net Zero is a key goal for the water and wastewater industry and ABB is here to help. Many pumps, fans and aerators are run without intelligent speed control. Fixing this is low cost and will help companies on the road to Net Zero.

Download the energy manager checklist

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