Key steps to ensure efficient water utility operations with ABB drives, motors and PLCs

There’s plenty for water and wastewater process managers to think about. From ensuring the reliability and efficiency of critical plant assets to reducing energy consumption and emissions; the challenges are clear. 

By harnessing the data used to make real-time process changes, there’s an exciting opportunity to improve understanding of assets, identify efficiency gaps and take a more proactive stance to plant maintenance.

From variable speed drives / variable frequency drives, motors to PLCs, measurement and data analytics, ABB’s complete portfolio of smart solutions for the water and wastewater industry can help optimize your facility’s entire operations – ensuring consistent water quality while enabling greater safety and sustainability, all the while delivering tangible energy savings.

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Find out how your water operations could be functioning more efficiently

Check how your water processes are doing

We’ve created a comprehensive checklist to help water managers identify process improvement opportunities at every stage of the water and wastewater treatment cycle.

Download our Process Manager checklist

Driving process efficiency with smart water process solutions 

Municipal, industrial water and wastewater processors must address the complex challenges of sourcing, treating, distributing and discharging water sustainably, cost-effectively and safely. Fully realizing these objectives means unlocking the true value of data in monitoring and managing infrastructure.

ABB will help you identify data-driven opportunities to improve process efficiency and save energy at every stage of the water treatment process – from abstraction, pumping and lifting to aeration, clarification and sludge treatment. Using drives, water meters, motors and PLC to do that.

Download our Process Manager checklist


Finding process improvements every step of the way

ABB’s global network of experienced specialists offers a broad range of lifecycle services to support customers in the water and wastewater industry, including asset monitoring and management, technical support and maintenance.

Download our Process Manager checklist

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